Castlereagh Coal understands that mining impacts the natural environment and Castlereagh Coal is committed to the successful rehabilitation of mined areas. Proper and progressive rehabilitation using native species has been successful at both mines, and is central to the core business principles, the continuation of the licence to operate, and ensuring Castlereagh Coal maintain and build trust within the local community.

Invincible Colliery Environmental Reporting Documents           Cullen Valley Environmental Reporting Documents

Invincible Colliery Environmental Management Plans               Cullen Valley Environmental Management Plans



Castlereagh Coal’s successful rehabilitation processes include aerial seeding, a helicopter based process which provides consistent seed delivery over undulating terrain and ensures outstanding results. The preparation of the rehabilitation area is done with a planned and methodical approach. Water management is an important aspect considered early in the planning process to achieve a successful rehabilitation outcome. Other aspects considered include seed retention, application and quality, topsoil and subsoil units, cover quality and topographic design.

Castlereagh Coal has achieved excellent results with rehabilitation projects to date and recent biodiversity surveys have found evidence of woodland bird species utilising and nesting within the eight year old rehab plot areas at the Cullen Valley Mine. These areas have a diverse range of native eucalypt and understory species to attract native birds, mammals and reptiles of the region. Coalpac is committed to the rehabilitation of its mining areas and to achieving a high standard in environmental management.