Notice – 3/08/2016

Castlereagh Coal remain committed to keeping the local and broader community updated on its plans for both the Cullen Valley and Invincible operations.

Castlereagh Coal has recently applied for two exploration licences to the north of Cullen Bullen.  The applications are in the name of Shoalhaven Coal Pty Limited  which is the legal entity which owns Cullen Valley and Invincible.  These exploration licence applications relate to areas that were previously subject to exploration licences held by Castlereagh Coal but have recently lapsed.  Both exploration licences are associated with the Cullen Valley operations, which is currently on care and maintenance.  Advertisements relating to these applications will be published in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Lithgow Mercury in the coming week.

It is noted that Castlereagh Coal do not have any current plans for mining at Cullen Valley however these exploration licences are important to have in place following Shoalhaven Coal’s acquisition of Cullen Valley in 2015.

Castlereagh Coal is currently finalising the necessary environmental assessments for its current plans for the Southern Extension Project at Invincible Colliery, which is expected to be on public exhibition in September / October 2016.  The renewal of the exploration licences at Cullen Valley are not associated with Castlereagh Coal’s plans for future mining as part of the Southern Extension Project at Invincible.


Castlereagh Coal recognise both our local neighbours and the broader community as important stakeholders in our business and we aim to maintain effective working relationships with these stakeholders.

Mining Approval Documents and Environmental Protection Licences for Castlereagh Coal’s operations can be viewed here: 

Mining Approval & Environmental Protection Licences

Community Consultative Committee Meetings are regularly held by Castlereagh Coal (formerly Coalpac). Minutes of these meetings can be viewed here:

Community Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes


Community Newsletters

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